Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cormac McCarthy's The Road

Just a quick note before I get started. Yes, this book was featured on Oprah's Book Club. No, I didn't hear about it from Oprah. No, I don't watch Oprah.....

OK. Maybe sometimes.

I actually heard about Cormac McCarthy's The Road from my Creative Writing professor. Whenever he discussed rich detail in creative writing, he always brought up this book. I jotted down the name and waited for it to come out on paperback because I really don't like reading books on hardcover for some reason.

It' a super quick read. In fact, I sat down and read it within a few hours. It's a quick paced story about a father and his son traveling down an ominous road in an apocalyptic world, surrounded by dark shades of death, thieves, and cannibals. Yikes. There are so many themes that you can pull out of that one description, which gives you some idea of the depth of the story.

There's some pretty gruesome stuff in here.

McCarthy has such a fantastic and original writing style. His creative and inspiring prose will keep you turning the pages and I can almost guarantee that you'll finish this book in a sitting or two. He writes in short, succinct sentences. However, these sentences are packed with rich detail. It's as father and son's survival depends on you reading more, which is a pretty nifty literary tool from a writing perspective. McCarthy has been compared to Hemingway by many critics. You should most definitely see that comparison in the end (hint hint).

Anyway, don't just take my (and Oprah's) word for it. Check it out already! It's fairly cheap on and is a pretty decent beach read. Click the picture below to pick it up:

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