Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How to fail out of college by buying papers online

In this article, I will teach you how to fail out of college. Wait...what?

Just about everyone who writes an academic paper in college Googles their topic before they begin and just about everyone is bombarded with websites that claim to be able to sell them an A paper. There are even websites that will you give free research papers. So what’s the catch?

If you didn’t know, this is probably the dumbest thing that you could ever do. Only fall for this scam if you want to fail your courses and fail out of school. Your professors aren’t morons. They know what your writing is like and can tell when something doesn’t seem right. There are ways for them to search the internet to see where you got the paper from.

The easiest way for a professor to find a paper that you stole is to find it the same way that you did. A simple Google search will bring up the same results. Even typing in the first few words of a plagiarized paper can lead them directly to the source. Your old wrinkly professors know how to Google something as well, so don’t think that you can play the “they’re too old to catch me” card.

There are even more technologically advanced ways for a professor to catch you stealing a paper online, borrowing one from a friend, or blatantly trying to pass off someone else’s idea as your own. Most professors that know how will submit your papers to searches both the internet and previously submitted papers to find out if a student has plagiarized. There have been some issues in recent years over how accurate the search is, but it is still a good way for a professor to tell if you are cheating.

The bottom line is don’t cheat! Chances are you will get caught. It isn’t worth tarnishing your academic integrity for one stupid paper. Writing these papers is meant to help you become a better writer, not to put an unnecessary burden on you. If you find that you are pressed for time and don’t have enough hours in the day to write an essay, don’t be tempted to cheat. Work on managing your time a little better and you shouldn’t have any problems finding time to get all of your work done.

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